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Does the County maintain my road?

Varies by road. There are numerous public roads within Chambers County that are not County maintained. A road does not become a Public County Maintained Road until it is accepted by the County Commission. Please review APPENDIX V of the County Subdivision Regulations found on this website for further explanation of the County’s Road Acceptance Policy. In addition, all County Maintained Public Roads are available for review on this website under the Chambers County Map of Roads and Bridges.

My road has a sign with a road number. Does this mean it’s a County Maintained road?

Not necessarily. All roads must have their own unique route/street number for addressing purposes and emergency response. The Chambers County 911 office assigns these route/street numbers and addresses. As a general note, if the sign has Chambers County on it, then it is a County Maintained Public Road. The Chambers County Map of Road and Bridges also differentiates between private and County Maintained Roads. Citizens are advised to contact the Chambers County Highway Department for any questions regarding County maintenance of roads.

How do I report a County Road or Bridge problem?

Please call the Highway Department at (334) 864-4359 to turn in a problem report. An employee from the Highway Department will review the reported problem and respond as soon as possible. The Highway Department makes every attempt to address the citizens of Chambers County complaints. All reported problems are reviewed and scheduled for repair based on severity and safety.

How do I get a driveway on a County Road?

The Chambers County Highway Department reviews and approves all proposed access to Chambers County Maintained Public Roads. Chambers County has adopted an Access Management Policy to ensure proper design, construction, maintenance, and operation of its right-of-way, highway system, and points of access thereto. In addition, the Highway Department has a Driveway Pipe Policy for installing driveways along these roadways. These policies are available for review on our website under the resource tab. To summarize, the Highway Department will review the proposed location of a driveway for safety and drainage. Once the pipe is sized, the Highway Department will give the citizen a price for driveway installation, based on the County’s cost for labor, equipment, and materials. Once payment is made, the Highway Department will schedule the installation of the pipe.

How close to the road can I build a fence or other structure?

This will vary by road. No structure should be built on the County Roads Right-of-Way. The only exceptions are utilities and mailboxes. The support structure for mailboxes should be built in accordance with the following: (a) METAL support structure should be 2 inches in diameter or less (b) WOOD support structure should be 4 inches in diameter or less. Please contact the Highway Department for additional questions concerning mail-box installation or Right-of-Way widths. Utilities comply with the requirements stipulated in the required Utility Agreement. This agreement is available for review on this website under resources.

If I want to subdivide my land, who should I speak with?

Contact the County Engineer as soon as possible. To summarize, the division of a lot, tract, or parcel of land into 2 or more lots, plats, or sites for sale, lease, or building development is considered a subdivision and falls under the Chambers County Subdivision Regulations. There are exemptions such as division among immediate family members or a division of large tracts of land (ex. a 100-acre site is divided into a 90 acre and a 10-acre site, all with Public County Maintain Public Road Frontage). However, please contact the County Engineer as soon as possible to discuss your plans.

It appears the County resurfaces roads at random, with no regard to which is worse. How does the County determine which roads to resurface?

The County Engineer’s Office inspects all 443 miles of Chambers County Maintained paved roads at least once every two years. Certain elements such as traffic, number of residents, recent accidents and conditions are all evaluated. Chambers County has a limited amount of funds to expend on resurfacing or bridge projects. The Chambers County Commission meets annually to review and adopt a long-term Transportation Plan which identifies both resurfacing and bridge projects. This list of projects is available for review on this website.